Week 4A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

After viewing the Jami Lin Passions ( website, I have found a few things that may be potential problems for visitors. The first potential problem is that it feels that the content is somewhat clumped together because it is not spaced out in a way that makes it visually appealing. For example, the header has several pictures and a lot of information in one rectangular box. As you go down the page, it just seems like a lot of information to digest. The second problem is that the website is kind of monochromatic. There aren't many vibrant colors that make the page feel inviting. The last problem is that it just doesn't seem simple enough to get to the point.

The second website is Gates N Fences ( The first potential problem is that the besides the title and header font, all the font is the same size so it is hard to indicate what is the most important information to view first. The second issue is that the menu runs along the side of the page and fe…

Week 3B: Examples of Businesses

The list of businesses that are similar to mine & my husband's music production company:

Tico Hudson Productions

ticohudsonproductions.comThe social media platforms that he is using are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.The Instagram seems to be the main one used recently. The Twitter seems like it's linked to the Instagram account so what ever is posted on Instagram automatically is posted to his Twitter. The other links haven't been used in at least a month.Latest social media posts:Facebook: February 09, 2019Twitter: January 31, 2019YouTube: January 05, 2019Instagram: February 09, 2019Overall it appears as though this business is using their social media consistently.Pull pullpullpull.comThe company does not have any social media links displayed on their website. When I tried to google the company only their website appeared in the google search.One of the producers who co-owns the business uses his Twitter account for personal and business reasons. Latest soci…

Week 3B: Blogs I commented on

For Week 3 I commented on the following blogs:
Bassel Kanj
Cristina Ayala
Matthew Daigneau

Week 3A: Communication - Business and Consumer

Yes, I have had many instances where I had a hard time communicating with a business. It really did not matter if I called them on the telephone, or spoke with them online via the "chat" pop up. I do not feel that social media makes it easier to get the problem resolved. It has helped to get our company noticed by other professionals. They now follow our Instagram page which is pretty cool because that opens the door to network with seasoned professionals in our industry. Recently I contacted another music producer who has already reached the level of success that my husband and I are trying to reach with our music production company. Although, the producer stated that he was too busy to meet with us, he did provide information that will help us grow the business and put us on the right path to reach success in the music industry.
We love the positive comments. That encourages us that we are running the business right! We have never received negative comments about our busine…

Week 2B: Blogs I Commented On

I commented on Week #2 posts by the following students:
David Durham
Matthew Dangyou
Michele Cortes

Week 2A: Overview of Social Media

I believe that Facebook seems to be more geared for personal use.
This is just my experience that this social media platforms does not necessarily provide a good following.
Also, the followers that are on there do not interact with the business posts.
Our business has had better success on Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat.
When we’ve posted personal posts on Facebook, we get alot of interaction with our followers.
I just think Facebook is more personal because it’s family oriented and people mainly sharing their lives instead of being sold products.

Instagram and Twitter seem to be more suitable for business because Twitter is mainly used to network, but Instagram just seems to have a better turnout in regards to audience growth.
You can post about new products and services with trending hashtags to bring more attention to your business.
Even LinkedIn is a good social media platform to use for business.
It’s set up for professionals networking with each other and it brings attenti…

Week 1B: Blogs I commented on

I commented on blogs by the following students:
1. Matthew Daigneau
2. David Durham
3. Michele Cortes