Week 17: Wrapping It Up!

This has truly been a great and informative semester. I really enjoyed this class, not only for the knowledge that I gained, but also for the feedback that I received from Professor Faulk and my fellow classmates. I know that the information that I received during this semester will only strengthen my business, and any other businesses that I am starting in the near future. I came into this class having already used social media for my business, but I learned new ways to utilize it to its full potential so that it assists in the success of my businesses. I only wish that there was more time to get more information so that I can confidently use all platforms for my businesses, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

I would definitely say that my viewpoint regarding social media has changed since taking this class. One of the key concepts that I learned this semester is that all social media platforms are not to be treated the same. This is something that I didn't grasp prior to taking thi…

Week 16B: Blogs I commented on

I have commented on the following blogs:
Lisa Haas -
Adriana Macias -
Jason Bush -

Week 16A: Planning Your Future Strategy

I have enjoyed using Instagram and Facebook. I feel that this are the most beneficial to my business and although I have used them prior to this semester I have learned how to use them in a more efficient way. I used to just link my Instagram posts to my Facebook so that I didn't have to log into Facebook and post on there because I felt that the posts were overlooked. I never used to check the analytics before and now seeing the information that it provides in regards to what I post is very helpful to know. This information is especially helpful in regards to learning my business's demographics. Facebook is now going to be just as important of a tool to me as Instagram.

Since I have a music production company, I really feel that Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube would best fit my business's needs. The tool that I would implement in my online marketing strategy would be adding a newsletter. After learning about the added benefits of using a newsletter for business, I think …

Week 15B: Facebook Analytics

After reviewing the Facebook analytics for Churchboy Beats, I have noticed that my business has gained 4 new followers and 5 new page likes in the past 28 days. Within the past 7 days, I have gained 3 new followers and 4 new page likes. There have not been any clicks on the "call to action" button. This is still surprising to me to have received this activity because I honestly have not posted on the Facebook page since April 26th. I am glad to see that my page reach is 16.1K within the past 7 days, with 21 new page views. This gives me confidence that when I begin to post content on a regular basis the content will be received well by the Facebook community. Being transparent, I do not typically like to post content on Facebook because I used to feel that the content was often overlooked. Now looking at the analytics I see that Churchboy Beats is not overlooked and that there is an interest in the company. I am also very pleased to know that my business page is coming acros…

Week 15A: Optimising Yourself and the Company

After viewing the Google Analytics page I found a few features that I believe would be beneficial to Churchboy Beats to keep an eye on. The first would be the reporting feature (audience, behavior, real-time and ad reports) because it would provide insight as to how customers are interacting with my website. The second feature would be the proactive insights feature because I like that it will inform me of important changes and new trends that I may not have been aware of. The third feature would be the predictive analysis feature because it will report to me which users are engaging with my ads more than once.

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

I feel that these ads would be effective because they will reach a larger audience to help grow the business. The objective with these ads is to (1) build the business, (2) create traffic to the company website, and (3) promote a specific project. The Facebook and Instagram ads make the most sense for my business because the majority of our audience is primarily using these social media platforms. Instagram mainly is the one we would like to use because it allows us to showcase our music through the ads.

Below are ads that were created for Facebook and Instagram.

Week 12A: Other Online Tools

The other online marketing tools that can help grow my business would be Spotify, and meetup groups. My business is currently on Soundcloud, and my husband has a LinkedIn page that lists our company. We would use the music streaming for growing our audience and fan base. The meetup groups would be used for networking and possibly growing our clientele.